TerraFerma Studio is a collaborative place to explore the colors created when metal oxidizes.  Beauty is found in the decay of forgotten relics in scrap piles, erosion revealing a mineral slurry of color, land masses seen from above, abandoned buildings and train cars.

In our culture youth is revered and we are constantly sold ways to erase the signs of age.  Materials and surfaces are maintained as if they are fully stable or timeless, when in fact they are in a constant state of decay.  TerraFerma Studio captures the instability of corrosion, and reformats it to be seen and appreciated. 

Constant Change 

The oxidation paintings will change over time due to variations in humidity, temperature and exposure to sunlight.  For better or worse, these factors drastically alter the color from vivid saturation to dull tones.  These paintings are organic compositions that live and breath and become more fragile and unstable.  This is why we capture them at their best through scanning and printing.

The upper images are of panel #25 after a month of aging. The lower images show the change after approximately 18 months.

The Process

Oxidation paintings are made using household chemicals to create colorful abstract compositions. From rusty oranges to deep aqua blue, the colors are created purely through custom made patinas and application techniques. They are not applied pigment, rather they are coaxed out slowly through multiple layers of liquid oxidizing the metal surface. The original panels are numbered sequentially beginning with #1 in 2008.

The prints

Scanning the panels at their most vibrant point in the oxidation process captures frozen moments in time; like a photograph.  The scans are printed on canvas  and stretched on wood frames.  The frames are hot branded with the TerraFerma Studio logo and edition number. 

•Limited edition prints      •UV resistant     •Archival InkJet on canvas     •Water resistant

for inquiries contact us at terrafermastudio@gmail.com

   #81  Archival InkJet print on canvas with black edge.


#81  Archival InkJet print on canvas with black edge.

About us

TerraFerma Studio is a collaboration between husband and wife Chris Rand and Jen Sturtz. They met in the metal shop at art school sparking a creative dialogue and shared aesthetic. "We're thrilled by materials and we love working materials with our hands.  Living a creative life means we are constantly observing, photographing, thinking, and making."