Panel #25 before and after 1 year 


Over time, the metal panels continue to change based on humidity levels, temperature and exposure to sunlight.  These factors can drastically alter the color from vivid saturation to dull hues/tones. They are organic compositions that live and breath and become more fragile / unstable.  Digitally scanning the panels allows us to capture certain moments in time when the colors are most dramatic just like a photographer freezes time when the shutter is released. 

Metal vs. Canvas

We digitally scan the metal panels to capture or preserve the moment when the colors are most dramatic. A test print is examined along side the metal panel to compare color. The digital files are only color corrected if they differ from the original panels. 

Not all panels are available for printing. 


About the prints

Printed on canvas and stretched on wood frames.  The frames are hot branded with the TerraFerma Studio logo and edition number. 

  • Limited edition prints 
  • UV resistant, waterproof canvas prints 
  • Archival InkJet on canvas